The Gourmet recipe
of success
by Ernest Pécou ...

At the Pécou,
we have had blood sugar for five generations!

The first factory of the Pécou family dates back to 1880. The creator has passed on his passion for confectionery to his entire line. Since then, his descendants have continued to build on the heritage of their know-how. Today, Alain, Florence and Bernard PECOU, raised in the sweet environment of dragee: the characteristic smell of vanilla sugar, the tinkle of dragee in the turbines and the taste of excellence, have taken up the torch of the famous factory of dragees.


From the workshop to the factory ...

Over the years, know-how and the exclusive use of exceptional raw materials have guaranteed
to Pécou dragees their reputation for excellence.

Here, we select the most beautiful and best almonds from the Mediterranean basin, coated with sugar delicately flavored with natural bourbon vanilla and adorned with multiple sweet or tangy colors.
At the end of the twentieth century, the recipe for the 70% cocoa chocolate dragee appeared and was extremely popular with consumers. Quickly many confectioneries enrich the range.

The production tool evolves regularly with ever more modern turbines.
New technologies have allowed the creation of the latest innovations:
LIQUICROC, an innovative dragee with a liquid heart and marshmallow dragee with a soft and melting interior.