Chocolate Almond Dragees


L’amande AVOLA


A true “must” of the dragee, the Avola almond from Sicily offers an exclusive balance
between intensity of the fragrance and finesse of taste.


supreme princesse  extra exquise surfine

Avola Supreme (50% almond) / Avola Princesse (48% almond) / Avola Extra (45% almond) / Avola Extra Prima (38% almond) / Avola Surfine (30% almond)

 Les amandes d’Espagne


Originally from the region of Valencia in Spain.


Catalan (47% almond) / Euro (46% almond) / Parimini (38% almond) / Fine Paris (30% almond) / Parisienne n ° 1 (22% almond)


 Chocolate dragees




Une dragée au coeur tendre au goût fin de cacao enrobé d’une délicate couche de sucre.




Séduction de France (70% cacao)
Mini coeur (70% cacao)


 The Decorations


To bring the final touch to your compositions and boxes.

Gold or silver dragee, available in Avola, fine Paris and extra medium chocolate dragee / Mini heart /
Assortment / Balls / Celery decor / Silver and gold Chocavelins



Dragees with original compositions to vary the pleasures and get off the beaten track.

Dragefruty / Pistachios / Tears mint / Tears chocomenthe / Chocoviennoises / Chocoviennoises assortment of pebbles / Nougachoc / Lentils (70% cocoa) / Mini lentils (70% cocoa)

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